Clinton St 🥞BOMB pancakes. Long wait but you can put your name down and watch your place in line using an app
RebelleBrunch. Their croissant sampler is dope and I think about the chocolate croissant all the time

Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen 🍨best/most accessible of my go-to ice cream shops. They have fun flavors and plenty of seating.
Morgenstern'sthe one Aziz put in Master of None so now the line is super long, but they make great ice cream sundaes


Té Company 🍵So many oolongs and their chef used to work at Per Se. It’s super tiny shop but simple and you’ll feel like a chic blogger who’s local to NY when you go there
Verlainehappy hour specials until like 10pm!


  • Organization called TDF which sells last-minute theatre tickets at a discount
  • Same day or next day matinee tickets, sold first-come-first serve at physical ticket booths called TKTS
  • Best available tickets will cost $70-90 after discount
  • List of shows:
  • Not all shows listed above will be offered every day, or at every TKTS booth

Next time

Riderfood looks good and Instagram friendly
Nickel and Dinerfood looks good and Instagram friendly
Lam ZhouOn my list of places to bring Arthur
most good reviews are from Asians too


  • Most New Yorkers eat dinner after 8pm, so wait times are usually not bad around 6pm
OijiThis honey butter chip thing (like the Korean snack) with ice cream and it’s SO good. Reservations highly recommended
Raku 🍜omg the udon is so thick and chewy omgggggggggg. You can even put your name down before you arrive at the restaurant via Yelp/SeatMe


Peter Pan Donuts 🍩if you make it out to Brooklyn, there’s a good classic donut shop called donuts. They make a “Bavarian cream” donut which is fucking FILLLED with delicious custard. The “honey dip” (simple glazed fluffy donut) is good too. It’s cash only and each donut is like $1.05. This is Tina Fey’s favorite place and the Bavarian cream is probably my favorite donut in the US. However, they do sell out
Levain 🍪T H I C C, soft, chewy doughy cookies wrapped in a crispy crust. Chocolate walnut cookie is one of the 3 food which has changed my life


East VillageMy favorite neighborhood. It's cute and the brownstones look like they could be in a movie. There are so many restaurants, bars, and shops on each block, and everything is within walking distance.
West VillageSlightly bougie-r version of the East Village
Union SqA lot of shopping (mostly chains)
Strand bookstoreHuge bookstore. It's a dream come true if you love books.