The City

  • Southern hospitality is real. Atlantians are warm and friendly
  • Except when driving
  • Parking is easy
  • Lyfts cost about $6 to go anywhere in Atlanta proper
  • Don’t stray south of I-20


  • Every portion size is larger than life. They’ll also look at you like you’re crazy if you ask for half-sizes.
  • Cocktails everywhere seemed to be weaker than I’m used to. You can blame me if they judge you for asking for a higher alcohol ratio.
Mary Mac’s Tea Room 🍗This was probably my favorite meal. The fried chicken was juicy & tender and the complimentary biscuit was so flaky. While I wish the fried chicken skin were a bit crispier, this was the best fried chicken I had out of 3.
South City KitchenThese were my favorite cheesy grits of the trip-- a good amount of soft and creamy.
JCT KitchenAll around good food. I loved the Brussels sprouts. The fried chicken skin was perfect, but the meat wasn’t as juicy as Mary Mac’s.


Ebrick Coffee RoomDecent latte. The shop was poppin with college students on a weekday morning.
OctaneOk latte. They also have beer on tap and trendy decor.

Next time

  • I’d try more ice cream shops (see my map)
  • Check out Magic City (it’s in all the songs for a reason)


Atlanta Breakfast Club 🍳Indulgent greasy-spoon brunch. I had some really lovely breakfast tacos wrapped in French-toast-ified tortillas.
West Egg CafeSolid shrimp & grits


Sublime DonutsI only got the chance to try the signature “A-Town” donut. It was a basic Boston cream donut, but still good.
Jeni’s Splendid Ice CreamsFun flavors! I had brambleberry and Bangkok peanut. The consistency was fairly creamy, but I prefer my ice creams more custardy.
Tiff’s TreatsReally delightful cookies. They have that great crispy edge, with a soft and slightly chewy center.
The Varsity“The orange drink” was not what I expected. I hated creamsicle flavored things when growing up, but the more I drank “the orange drink”, the more it grew on me.


Westside Provisions DistrictOutdoor shopping center. There are a few cute boutiques with Atlanta-made things, as well as bougie retailers like Lululemon.
Museum of Civil RightsI really wish I had time to visit.
The CheetahGreat strip club recommended by my Georgia tech friends. Female patrons are not shunned and the cover is only $5. On a Wednesday night, there were at least 15 dancers at any time, and they rotated out every 10-15 minutes.