Pastel de nata 🥧

In the order eaten:
Manteigaria7/10 crust crispiness
5/10 custard creaminess
Pastelaria Batalha5/10 crust crispiness
8/10 custard creaminess
Viana7/10 crust crispiness
9/10 custard creaminess
A Padaria Portuguesa5/10 crust crispiness
5/10 custard creaminess
Pastéis de Belém10/10 crust crispiness
3/10 custard creaminess
Fábrica da Nata8/10 crust crispiness
9/10 custard creaminess
Casa Piriquita4/10 crust crispiness
4/10 custard creaminess
Padaria do Bairro5/10 crust crispiness
5/10 custard creaminess
Pastelaria Aloma9/10 crust crispiness
9/10 custard creaminess


Gin Lovers 🍸Dope bar if you like gin. There are probably at least a hundred different gins and many tonics to match. The bartenders here take their jobs very seriously and will help you choose a gin and tonic you'll like
OfícioSolid bar/restaurant. We stopped in here just because I liked the a e s t h e t i c


Casa Piriquita (in Sintra)I had never had a travesseiro before this, and now I'm afraid this one has ruined all others for me. It was so light and flaky, and the paste inside was so rich and sugary. We ordered another because we didn't want to fight over the last bite.


Bairro AltoThis was the perfect neighborhood for us. It's filled with restaurants and bars, and close to public transit. It's comprised of narrow but picturesque streets, and not too hilly. I'd definitely stay here again.

Time Out Market

Come with an empty stomach. There are dozens of (permanent) food stalls, so order a dish from each one to share!
Alexandre SilvaWe had a delicious grilled fish here. The skin was so crispy and the flesh was tender. This restaurant tends to have a long line.
Chef MarleneThe pork belly special was not special. It was so overcooked and dry. I'm pretty bummed it cost so much and wasted space in our stomachs.
SantiniMediocre gelato. Skip it.


Taberna at Bairro Do Avillez 🦐DANK giant red shrimp. They were so tender and the accompanying sauce was so flavorful. We loved it so much that we came back the following night. In total we each ate 4 giant shrimp (1.3 pounds per person), and the price added up real quick. Sometimes I day dream about this shrimp. I can't wait to go back for more.


A Nova PombalinaGood and cheap suckling pig sandwich (leitão)
O TrevoAnother good and cheap pork sandwich (bifana)


I don't think gelato is really a thing here, but Arthur wanted it every day, so here we are
NivaThis was my favorite gelato in Lisbon. The flavors were bright and the texture was perfectly creamy
AmorinoChain, but reliably solid gelato
PIC Perfect Ice CreamJust ok flavors. Not worth a trip IMO


Get here early! There are lines for everything and they're all poorly organized. This was the worst airport I've ever been too (yes, it was even worse than the Madrid airport)