The City

friendlinessPeople are friendly here. A bus driver helped us with our coins and stopped the entire train. And, no one on the train minded waiting for us.
"coffee shop" 🌷This is what they call their dispensaries.
"cafe"This is what actually serves coffee.
Red Light DistrictDon't visit if you're female. Most of the workers there resent non-working women and will do their best to make you feel uncomfortable.


EtosThe 7/11 of the Netherlands. Try a fun new snack! Some Etos have bulk candy bins, where you can grab some gomballen.
Hema 🛍If Ikea and Daiso made a drugstore, it would be Hema. You can get all sorts of basics here, like toothpaste and cosmetics, all in minimal Scandinavian packaging. Joyce and I spent over an hour ogling at all the offerings.
Albert Cuyp MarketGreat outdoor market! You'll find all sorts of food stands and vendors selling fake designer bags. This is where we got the giant stroopwafel and the pickled herring sandwich.


gomballen 🍬The best Scandinavian gummy I've ever had. They're bouncy, chewy, and flavorful. You can find them at the Etos convenience store in the Amsterdam train station.
stroopwafelliterally, "syrup waffle". It's caramel sandwiched between two thin waffles-- you can't go wrong. The giant plate-sized one in the photos above was found at the Albert Cuyp Market, but even all prepackaged palm-sized waffles are great.
The Dutch "oo" is pronounced like a hard "o".
pickled herringI really really really didn't want to try this but wow, am I glad I did. The fish was so tender and flavorful, and worked so well with the condiments and bread. I will definitely eat this again when I return.
speculoosAlso known as biscoff. These crispy little caramel flavored cookies are served with everything and are delicious.
bitterballenSort of like a deep fried meatball, except not. It's minced meat with a thickener like flour, breaded, and deep fried. The outside is crispy, and the inside is hot and creamy.
poffertjestiny pancakes~~~


museumsThere are tiny museums everywhere! If you just stroll along any street, within the *spiderweb* of Amsterdam, you'll see several museums on each block. Just stop in and check it out for a few minutes.